Law of Attraction-she don’t use jelly.

I awoke the morning after my last post feeling sleepy, puffy-eyed, and immensely lighter.  I don’t know if there is anything more cathartic than a really good cry and raw expression.  Good stuff, good stuff indeed.

Before I finished my first cup of coffee I got a phone call offering a couple days of manual labor, under the table, caaaash.  I’m also going to do a contract gig for him in my field, yay for some income!

The next couple of days were filled with good ol’fashioned physical work.  Good thinking space, that hard repetitive work.  I thought about releasing those harmful beliefs regarding cash, and waking up to news of quick money.  I thought about manifestation in general; remembering times where I asked the universe for something unimportant, say a turkey sandwich.

I was listening to the Flaming Lips Pandora station, as they had a concert the next day and I really wanted to go but couldn’t rationalize spending the cash sans reliable income.  Suddenly, I asked the universe to send me to the concert.  Send out some gratitude, and went back to work.

On the way home I noticed a cafe/bar that I had never seen before and decided to go back that evening.  It was brilliant.  Amazing food choices, a great happy hour, soul music, and it was filled with people that had something insightful to say about the Paulo Coelho book I was reading.  A woman informed me of the event that was about to start.

It was called “People’s Choir”, she described it as community karaoke and invited me to join her and her friend.  I walked in to a room full of people singing “Sunny Afternoon” by The Kinks, holding songbooks and cocktails.  I found a songbook and unabashedly started singing.

After a particularly energetic rendition of “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow, I took a little break from busting it out to get to know my new friends.  We started talking about our plans for the weekend and I mentioned that I reallllllly wanted to go to The Flaming Lips concert the next day.  The friend started laughing and said, “do you want to get paid to go?”.  Say what?  What now!?

He had a friend of a friend a couple states away that was desperate for posters available only at this show.  The guy wired me $700 for payment and expenses, and bought tickets for a friend and I!  Seriously!  That happened!

The show was fucking epic, of course.  I got the posters with ease and my buddy and I had such a blast.  Renewed faith in LOA, as well.  I’ve had a hard time deciding what I want, working hard at attracting something (usually specific jobs or specific apartments), and not really wanting it when it arrived.

Right now I am attracting “success”.  In general, just my definition of success.  Money (of course), lotsa love (including romantical), and days spent doing things that make my heart warm and my soul grow.  I’m trying not to block myself by imagining too many details and specifics.

By the way-that turkey sandwich appeared the day after I requested, free at a trade show I decided to attend at the last minute.  It was scrumptious.

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