Sometimes a lot of nothings feel like a whole lot of something.

I have two favorite movies.  One is i heart huckabees, so so very brilliant.  The other is Waking Life.

There is a quote in the latter, “I just don’t want to be an ant, you know?”.  The character is referring to people going through life like ants, antennas accidentally colliding, all moving forward, for some really unknown purpose.  Mumbling “excuse me”,  “would you like fries with that?”,  “paper or plastic?” – devoid of any connection with one another.

Today was so very not an “ant” day.  I just had a lovely little meditation sesh and little memories from my day kept floating through my mind.

An awesome meeting that might be one of the first of my own business.  An errand that involved talking to someone in a bureaucratic position where we both laughed a lot, and made each other’s day better.  Shopping at Trader Joe’s; a clerk noticing my tee from the serendipitous Flaming Lips concert last week who was also there, and reminiscing about the show.  Shopping at the awesomeness that is Trader Joe’s.

Friendly cute stranger giving me directions to somewhere.  Super kind security guard.  A woman with a cane asking another woman with a cane to give up her seat at the front of the bus, and watching it play out.  Calling a creative Craig’s List gig, even though it sounded a bit odd and finding out it’s for a networking thing I was debating buying tickets to.  Cash, creative fun time, and a free ticket.  Finding out I get to work tomorrow.

Casual talk with a dear friend after a slightly intense chat last night, subtly saying, “we’re cool”.  Another buddy finally hearing about a job in the works and getting it.  Meeting up with a new friend, even though I was a bit afraid he thought it was a date.  It winding up being a group thing and meeting some really amazing people.  Coming home and watching an episode of my newest Netflix love, Parenthood, and feeling like it relates to my life.  Petting the sweet yet angry old man kitty whilst doing so.  So darn cute.

Cozying into bed for a meditation with pleasant memories of my day falling through my consciousness like unique beautiful snowflakes.  As many as one could have in a month if not paying attention and feeling grateful.

Thank you for gratitude, and learning to love each moment.  MUAH!

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