I am a gobbeldy-gook of frustrated feelings.  The aforementioned sexy mans no longer likes me, apparently.  That’s what I gather from being stood up, and ignored for a couple days.  Or, I have this coming: “I just liked you so much that it scared me”.  Vomit.

Emotions can be rough.  Sometimes you don’t even know what they’re getting at.  It’s just a foreign feeling in your gut that is new and you don’t know what to do with it.  It makes you sick.  It can be in both a good and a bad way.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  Emotion, rah, what are you?  I’m so confused that I must totally ignore this person I said I was falling for a day ago…

Guess what dillholes-women figure that shit out minute to fucking minute.  I feel pissed off—-ta da!!  Being confused by a funny feeling in your belly is not an acceptable reason to treat another human like shit.

“I like you so much that I want to treat you really well because you seem to get me”.

How about that?  Doesn’t that seem like a reasonable game plan?

Instead I get despicable apologies long after the dude has been sent off to the “island of lost boys”.  Too late, fuck head.  You hurt me, done.


This same thing keeps happening to me though.  I am the common denominator.  Is it something I’m doing?  Do I come extremely unappealing once I start to fall?  Is getting a crush, for me, like growing a fucking mustache or something?

Or maybe I choose idiot boys posing as men.


I don’t know man, I just don’t know.  Maybe it’s me.  Or, it’s maybe it’s just my choices.

Still me, I reckon.



2 thoughts on “Asshoolio.

  1. Hi Faren! Just read your prison story on MindBodyGreen. That is my greatest fear…going to prison.
    Relating to the “dumping” you are going through – Your happiness depends on You. Only you. But you knew that. Yukon

  2. Thanks Yukon-so true. I’m fine, we did only date for a second. I got a message a few days after, “I have a lot of growing up to do, you deserve someone more evolved”. Gag. Trying to grasp the lessons and move right along…

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