The consciously evolving aren’t all weirdos or snobs. Sheesh.

I went to a friend’s house last night to overdose on the HBO show Girls; that hilarious, brilliant and painfully-relatable show of Lena Dunham’s.  I’m so glad I’m 30, you could not pay me to go through my 20’s again.  Nope.

Anyway, one of the episodes had a character that was very into “new-age” spirituality.  She was a wack-a-doo who only ate her pet rabbits and did things like saying, “I manifesssssted you” while hugging a stranger and totally invading her space.  It just makes me so mad.

These concepts are real, and real helpful, stuff.  The media’s portrayal of people who are using their consciousness in an intentional way is always so freakin’ weird.  I think it makes people who might otherwise be interested in checking it out feel all like, “well if I get into that then I’ll have to get into patchouli and stop hanging out with the people I like and eat my own rabbits”.  It is not so.

There should be a show about average people trying to master these concepts. It could be four totally different kinds of people; various ages, races, economic classes, etc.  Different things could lead them into having a consciousness shift…’shrooms, trauma, effort and intention, or meeting someone who is awake.

They’d deal with the new awareness of their consciousness whilst living their totally normal and relatable lives.  Going to their jobs, interacting in relationships, and you know, becoming wildly aware of their thoughts and guides.  I’d watch the shit outta that.

Alas, no such thing exists.  We have books with gag-a-riffic titles that are found in the self-help section, websites with rainbowy-cheesy backgrounds, and figure heads that you certainly don’t want to go grab a beer with.  So inaccessible.

It seems like most of the spiritually-minded folks I meet out in the world are equally unrelatable.  Spiritual elitism.  Which is just the Ego fighting back and trying to assimilate itself into this new self-concept; it’s ironic, which is kinda funny, but frustrating.  When someone’s all self-inflated and thinks they are better than others for discovering these concepts; it makes even me not want to talk to them.

Some take it all very very very seriously.  So uptight.  You cannot eat that.  That job will kill your soul, you have to stop doing that.  You shouldn’t dress like everyone else.  You use deodorant?  Why aren’t you wearing a crystal?  Back off, ya judgey-wudgey booger.

Here’s how I see it:

  • We incarnate into the physical world to expand and evolve.
  • Joy resonates at a high vibrational level, making it excellent at aiding to expansion and evolving.
  • I don’t feel joy when I take things too seriously or judge others.
  • Therefore, don’t be an ass if you’d like to evolve.

Often when I bring up spiritual topics, people look at me like, “oh, I didn’t know you were one of those“.  They assume I must secretly be a weirdo or a snob.  I think I’m pretty relatable, and I certainly don’t think I’m better than anyone.  My like-minded friends are the same, and we generally only talk about these concepts with one another; cause it’s not very fun to be looked at like you must be a weirdo or a snob.

So, most of the people one will meet that speak about expansive ideas are wildly unrelatable to the average American human.

I care less and less everyday about what others are thinking of me, I’m working on it.  As the spiritual elitists suffer from an inflated ego, I suffer from fear of judgment.  C’est la vie, we all have our shit I suppose.

3 thoughts on “The consciously evolving aren’t all weirdos or snobs. Sheesh.

  1. Leading by example might be the best way to help change the public image of spiritually-minded people. Let’s not worry about the impact of weirdos and elitists; let’s just love them because they are doing the best that they can, and then demonstrate our own non-weird, non-elitist spirituality.

  2. Indeed, hostirad. And I would love to write out a pilot script for Halcyon Wit oneday soon. We’ll get a hotel somewhere tropical, sit in the sun (and under coconut trees) and hash it out. yes?

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