Feeling Inspired-TV show idea.

All day while I was working on the mural I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea that formed while I was writing yesterday’s post.  This is what I have so far:

Show Idea: Halcyon WIT

The show will follow three character groupings; a family of five, a college guy, and a couple that practices spiritual therapy.

The Family of Five: Mom, Dad, and three daughters who are 5, 10, and 16 years old.  The parents are young, late-thirties.  The youngest daughter is a Crystal Child and the mother an Indigo Adult; I’ll go more into that later, for now know they are very spiritually inclined.  The eldest daughter and the father are extremely pragmatic; “show me the proof, hippies”.  The 10 year old is very kind, open-hearted, and confused about the family dynamic.  Viewers will mainly see the show from the 10 year old’s perspective as she is akin the ideal demographic; open to spiritual ideas, but doesn’t know much about them.

The College Guy: He’s always been into expansive ideas, his buddies refer to him at “The Drunken Philosopher”.  It’s his Freshman year of college and he starts smoking a lot more pot, and enrolls in an Eastern Philosophy course as well as yoga.  Someone introduces him to ‘shrooms, and a whole new world opens…  His shenanigans will be a great source of comic relief.

The Couple: They are in their mid to late 50’s, fully awakened, madly in love.  They are inspired by Bernard and Vivian Jaffe of i heart huckabees.  Their clients are people who are having new experiences of a spiritual nature and don’t know what to make of them.  They teach spiritual concepts in a very relatable fashion.  Their business is called Halcyon WIT-“We’ll Inspire Tranquility”.  The characters in the show will all make their way to see these Spiritual Therapists, and we will see other clients that provide side-stories.

Setting: Portland, Oregon. Northeast, Reed, and Hawthorne; respectively.

Music: Conscious and awesome.  Atmosphere, Beck, The Gorillaz, Cloud Cult, Thievery Corporation, The Xx, Morcheeba, etc.

Plot Ideas:

While waiting at Halcyon for her mother and sister, the eldest daughter and the college guy meet. She is very precocious, pretty, and very flippant.  He is a confident stoner boy, with great shoulders and dimples.  She makes fun of him, and he likes it.  Dad walks in, sees the scene, sits between them and says “she’s sixteen”.  Since he’s only eighteen, just barely too old, this will be a continuous “will they/won’t they”; this will also tie him to the rest of the cast.

The mom and dad got married when they were twenty, after she got pregnant.  Their initial attraction was fueled by the differences that are now driving them apart.  The primary source of contention at the beginning of the show is what’s happening with the youngest child.  She only recently started speaking, and is very different from other kids.  Dad thinks she’s autistic, Mom knows she’s gifted.

After a mushroom trip Tyler will have a “mental break”, as a psychologist will call it.  Instead of coming down after the normal time he will find himself in deep meditation, imparting complicated philosophical ideas very quickly and intensely.  Since he is so young and the Ego still so strong he will misunderstand some of these concepts.  For example, “You are the universe experiencing itself-you are God”.  This is each of us of course, but he will take it to be only him for a bit, resulting in hilarity.  He will snap out of it when he realizes he’s about to be sent to the looney bin and that his loved ones are worried.  He will be more grounded and mature, less self-involved, after this happens.

Olivia takes an internship at Halcyon, even though she thinks it’s a croc.  Debate fun ensues.

Each episode ends with the Spiritual Therapists going out and enjoying themselves in Portland, they sum up the episode wisely whilst enjoying their food and drink and making googely eyes at each other.  One of them leaves a Halcyon card wherever they are, and the next episode starts with someone finding it…


Falen (Mother): She has been spiritually inclined her whole life, but has suppressed it out of a want to fit in (she liked her husband’s “normalness” when they met).  She is very friendly and happy; unless she sees someone being treated like dookie, then she loses it.  Dorky in an sweet way.  Lacks a verbal filter.  Extremely sensitive to violence.  She has visions and psychic knowing, but no clue how to control it.  As her daughter starts speaking she realizes that they have very similar gifts.  She paints.  She works in marketing for a non-profit.

Her look: Funky.  Lots of vintage, maxi skirts/dresses, mini’s and leggings.  Comfy with style.  Touchable hair.  Thick brown eyeliner and sometimes lip stain.  Large silver wrist cuff, chunky ring, and wedding ring everyday.  Lots of beautiful earrings.

Todd (Father): Went to a Christian church on Christmas when he was young, but hasn’t really ever focused on any intangible parts of life.  They make him a bit nervous.  He is kind, ambitious, charming, and very intelligent.  Can also be condescending, usually on accident.  Has a silly side, and a really great laugh.  He’s really into Nikola Tesla.  He sells insurance for a company that tries to be hip and young.

His look: Nice jeans or khakis and button-up shirts with tees underneath when not working, suit when working.  Gelled hair trying to look “natural”.  Great shoes; loafers, vintage sneakers, etc.

Olivia (Oldest):  Extremely precocious.  She often catches adults off-guard by giving them the simple, obvious (to her), solution to a problem.  Very annoyed by unnecessary drama, yet her blunt comments often cause it.  She doesn’t understand her peers, she thinks they are ridiculous.  She has a few friends that are Seniors.  Although she’s only sixteen, she knows she wants to be a Psychologist.  Then she could get paid to tell people the obvious solutions.  Unintentionally hilarious, in a very dry fashion.

Her Look:  Mod edgy.  Matte lipstick in brown tones, cat eyed liner, striking brows.  Kinda girl who can pull off leather pants.  Lots of high waists with bold belts.  Scarf headbands.  Pushes the boundaries, the family teases her and she doesn’t care even a little bitty bit.

Gabrielle/Gaby (Middle): Fascinated by the world.  She always has a specific interest.  One episode it’s Egypt, the next she’s learning all about horses.  A great listener and asker of questions-she wants to know all the things!  She wants everyone to get along, a born peace maker.  Very caring.  Bubbly and sweet, with many friends.  Sometimes a little awkward and insecure, a bit of a people-pleaser.

Her Look: She doesn’t really care most of the time, her style on its own would be a plain tee and jeans with a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value.  Since she’s affected by those around her quite a bit (like most 10 year olds), we see her emulating others’ style occasionally.

Lucy (Youngest): Huge soulful eyes.  She is psychic, and doesn’t speak often, yet the other characters have no problem communicating with her.  Very cuddly and happy.  When a new person is introduced she will back off and observe them; sometimes dismissing them, and sometimes suddenly very affectionate.  She doesn’t interact with many kids her age, she seems to be exhausted by them.  She has a special bond with the family dog.  Has a great interest in crystals and rocks.

Her Look: Falen’s still dressing her so she is dressed super funky and awesome.  Most stylin’ five year old you’ll ever see, but it won’t be distracting.  Will elicit “they should make that in my size” responses from adults with a creative style.

Tyler (College guy): New to Portland from Alaska, just started at Reed College.  Dad’s a fisherman, and mom owns a floral shop in Juneau.  They all love snowboarding together.  Very secure and jovial-life of the party.  Philosophy major, probably.  He’s just taking classes that look interesting.  Smokes a lot of pot, rolls his cigarettes, drinks Rainier.  Lives on-campus.  Self-involved, but sweet when he’s not talking about himself.

His look: Very 90’s.  Refuses to wear skinny jeans.  Lots of flannel, band tees, a hemp necklace.  Hair is too long and he’s always pushing it out of his face.

Characters at Reed: His gay best friend, his Philosophy prof, his RA.  Whoever he’s dating or partying with.

Wendy (Female Spiritual Therapist): Glowing.  Has a calm serene knowing that immediately puts others at ease.  Asks great questions, helps clients find their own answers.  Approaches concepts with anecdotes and book recommendations.  We don’t find out many personal details about Wendy and Morgan, when one slips it’s juicy and awesome, but rare.

Her Look: Northwest casual.  Cute and practical.  Nice fleeces and cozy sweaters in the winter.  Light and casual blouses in the summer.  Relaxed but flattering pants, clogs.  Wild hair and gorgeous necklaces.

Morgan (Male Spiritual Therapist): Eccentric and wiseUsually smiling.  Rarely sits, likes to move when he speaks.  Always taking clients on field trips to explain things.  Approaches many concepts from a science/geometry base.

His Look: Salt and pepper hair with a trim beard, wears a lot of corduroy blazers with elbow patches.  Very professor looking.  Random quirky accessories that change with each episode.

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