Sick, might as well play with my consciousness.

So I went and got myself sick.  I was stressed about the move (but, also yay, conscious, kick-ass roomie in an awesome neighborhood!), money, and feeling bad about myself in general; becoming a nice little living area for things that make you feel blah.

I’ve been trying to learn how to astral project the last couple weeks, and all this lying around has given me a lot of time to work on it.  This is when the spirit leaves the body and you can travel around to real places.  Earth, or other dimensions.  From my understanding when we dream every night we are in the fourth dimension, but just playing with our thought forms/projections.

I haven’t been able to do it!  It’s really hard.  Apparently this can take months, or years in some cases.  Psssccchht.  You’re supposed to lie on your back and get super-duper relaxed.  You can’t move a muscle.  After a while you’re supposed to feel vibrations or spinning, and at that point you get up using your consciousness.  I’ve gotten spinning once, but it startled me and I jumped.

All this failure has led to a lot of lucid dreaming though, so that’s fun!  The difference between a dream and a lucid dream is the consciousness of being in a dream.  So you’re still playing with your own thought forms/projections, but you know that you are dreaming, and can have control over them.

Last night I was rollerblading through the woods, then I was all, “why in the hell am I rollerblading in the woods?”.  My rollerblades turned to sneakers, and I jogged to a nearby beach.  When I stopped running I realized that I can’t usually do that.

Sidebar-I’ve been sporadically lucid dreaming for years.  I’ve learned to fly, to move things with my mind, and to change anything in front of me to something else.  It’s really fun.  Some people say you can learn to astral travel from a lucid dream, and I’ve been meaning to.  Flying is really super duper fun and distracting though!

Sidebar done-After realizing I had magic sneakers I did my dreamcheck, and then looked at a plant to see if I could move it with my mind.  I could!  Guess what I did next?  I took off flying into the beautiful sky!  There were glorious blue-purple mountain peaks shaped like whales when I got to the top and I tried to make one turn into a living whale and dive into the ocean.  I woke up.

If any of this interests you and you’re new to lucid dreaming, try doing dreamchecks.  In your waking day, tap your thumb to your finger and ask yourself “is this a dream?”.  (The idea is that when you’re dreaming you’ll do this out of habit, and become lucid.)  As you are falling asleep do this repeatedly and set the intention (just by thinking) to lucid dream, and to remember it.  You’ll likely be surprised at how easy it is!



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