Hey yo, Indigo.

Have you heard of the waves of Indigo people?  There’s all kinds of conflicting theories and info out there, different details and whatnot.  The one I like says that Indigos have been sporadically incarnating forever, but came in large waves during the 50’s (those hippies!) and the 80’s.  I don’t really resonate with the label, but I do suppose it’s useful.

It is said that Indigos incarnate to help raise humanity’s consciousness, and to disband/replace old systems that no longer serve us.  We are Empaths, whether we like it or not.  We can literally feel what emotions others are experiencing.  If you tell an Indigo “it’s all good” and think “rahhh, fucking seriously?!”; we’ll know you’re being disingenuous, we will feel “rahhhh, fucking seriously?!”.  Pants on fire, yo.  Pisses me off.  Or hurts my feelings.

Feelings.  We got lots of those.  It can be intense.  The Empath thing leads to being very sensitive in general.  I can’t tolerate any sort of violence—at all.  It makes me physically and emotionally very upset.  It can be super duper embarrassing.  I’ve walked out of many a movie, it’s a weird thing to have to explain to whoever I went there with.  We also love BIG time.  All of the kinds of love, unconditionally.  That can freak people out, and is often misinterpreted…

We are generally very creative; and shine in imaginative environments.  Most of us have a hard time conforming to the current structures, as they inherently go against the reason we are here.  I keep trying, I’m not very good at it.  I’ve never been fired, quite the opposite, I have been promoted several times.  Also laid off three times, even in this economy – who does that happen to?

Most of us are spiritually inclined from a very early age, we’re supposed to “get it” quick so we can help teach others in the ascension process.  A pretty sure-fire way to kick start asking the big questions is to have a fucked up childhood; a lot of us choose to incarnate into rough situations.

When I was little I could remember before I was born, I was kinda pissed about being here.  I’d think to myself, “it’s just a stupid dream”.   However I also knew that I was very lucky to be alive.  I remember what I came here for (how? when? not so clear…), many of us feel like we have a “mission”.

Many of us are psychic in some way.  I see visions of the future, usually real real random ones.  I had one earlier today; months ago I had a dream(ish thing) of a friend I hadn’t met yet dumping roses into a trash can, and today I saw it.  The sight, the smell, the temperature, the thought that was streaming in my head—all exact.  You can’t change them, I often try.  Why did I get a premonition of stinky dead flowers?  That is the question.  I like to think they are just a sign I’m going the right way.  I also sometimes receive symbolic images that I have a hard time interpreting.

I have deju vu very often, a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.  Also some moments seem tied to moments of the past or future, it’s a strange sensation, like a super-fast dream of the corresponding time.  A couple times I’ve heard other people’s conversations pertaining to me when I wasn’t present, each time I was drifting off to sleep and I awoke after.  They were confirmed later, those freaked me out, both big events.

I have thoughts about the future that appear out of nowhere.  The other day I was brushing my teeth and thought, “my roomie’s going out of town tomorrow”.  She didn’t even know that yet.  She found out a few hours later and told me.  It can be stressful sometimes, like if I have a worry or a random thought about anything bad happening I’ll get scared it’ll happen.  Or the other direction, and a simple hope becomes, “do I like, know?”.  I’m learning to discern, there’s an ethereal and emotionless quality to the intuitive thoughts.  “Today is the day my car breaks down” has the exact tone as “I’ll run into a dear friend later”.  Just the info, none of that sappy stuff.

We, of course, feel different from everyone else.  Not in a, “oooh sad me, I don’t fit in” fashion.  In a “I’m not from ’round here” kinda fashion…  We stare.  Imma look you right in the eyeballs.  I try to remember to look away (why? what am I supposed to look at?), but I usually forget or don’t bother.  We frequently make electronics wig out, apologies!

Many Indigo kiddos are hyper-active and wind up diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, especially the boys.  We often wind up extremely depressed, and/or addicted to substances.  I’m quite sure that my mother was a First Wave Indigo, she killed herself a long time ago.  I really wish I could have talked to her about all of this, I wonder if it could have made a difference.  Given her a feeling of purpose and clarity.  Who knows…I hope someone reads this and feels relief.

Anyhoo, there’s lots of us.  Some were born with these qualities; others are consciously raising their frequencies and developing many of these qualities as a result.  Some of us rock at life and are happy kick ass individuals.  Some of us are sad and just can’t freakin’ figure this place out.  I imagine most of us are in the middle, slowly getting sick of trying to fit in and ready to shake it up…just like everyone else.


14 thoughts on “Hey yo, Indigo.

      • There is no you to do any choosing before you are born. Most human behavioural differences can be demonstrated to be highly heritable – that means that genetics makes a massive impact on what choices people make. Anyone making choices in the absence of these genetic effects will be making totally different choices to what you would and therefore is not “you”.

      • Brilliant! I don’t know if we disagree, exactly. The idea that our souls choose our families before we incarnate implies that we are also choosing the genetics we will inherit. My soul is certainly not the “me” sitting here typing, it’s much much bigger. It’s probably amused at the various preferences this little splice of it’s consciousness (me) has chosen (ie, skinny jeans are horrible), but was aware that I’d look like this and share many of the behavioral patterns my family members possess. My little human perspective has trouble imagining what the choosing of circumstances must look like, but I personally feel it to be very true.

      • I said I’m a teeny tiny sliver of the consciousness that is my soul…you don’t believe in the soul?

        I don’t mean any offense, but what are you doing here? Like a vegetarian in a butcher shop. There’s no need to troll those that you disagree with.


      • I click the button that takes me to random blogs. You’re a blog.

        You never look at things you disagree with…? There is a difference between “trolling” (purpose: wind people up for lulz) and just voicing disagreement (purpose: see what people come up with in response because it might be interesting).

        A vegan wouldn’t go into a butcher shop because they are ethically opposed to the existence of butcher shops. I am not ethically opposed to the existence of people who believe in souls. I don’t understand the belief but it doesn’t offend me that it exists.

  1. dido w/ the electronics. got this new laptop about a month ago (windows 8) superfast. now I fucked it up and it’s getting slower. as for the rest well “I’m stuck in the middle with you”. get it? =^_^=

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