How do you explain the unexplainable?

Do you have a speech or interview of you like to rehearse into your hairbrush?  Your Grammy acceptance?  Your Nobel Peace Prize?  Going on Oprah?  For me, it’s Jon Stewart.  I want to create something so friggin’ cool that Jon Stewart invites me onto his show to promote it.

I was watching an episode of his last night and he said something that reminded me that he is an atheist.  How would I explain the things I know to be true to someone who doesn’t believe in experiences beyond the corporeal?

I could quote accepted philosophers and scientists musings on life.  Prove that respected famous people agree with me.  While I’m superb at grasping concepts, and sometimes even explaining them, I’m not really great at sourcing how I know them.

This makes sense…  When discovering a spiritual concept that resonates, it feels like remembering, not learning.  When I was a lil’kiddo and someone told me that a father-figure in the sky would send me to something called hell if I didn’t worship him—that didn’t feel like remembering.  That felt like some bulllllshite.

When a philosophy professor suggested that we are all One, a consciousness divided in order to experience itself; I went “holy shit, oh that’s right!  Wait…what?  Whoa.”  This life is akin to the crest of a wave in the ocean, into which we will return.  That image helped it sink in for me.

I’ve been delving into ontological questions with a passion for twelve years now; the more I remember, the more I realize I’ve forgotten.  The concepts are paradoxical, full of simple complexities that are intricately connected to one another.  When you strike a new concept it feels like a mysterious magic and Home at the same time.

They say the Tao cannot be described in words. Human language can only give hints that may help the mind to form an idea.  I suppose I simply can’t explain what I know to someone who doesn’t, all I can do is Be.  Perhaps throw a koan at ’em, and suggest a few books or meditation tips.  Maybe give them some ‘shrooms and direct them to a nice looking tree.

So if I ever create something cool enough to land me on Jon Stewart I sure hope he doesn’t ask me to explain my philosophy on life…


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