Feeling stardusty.

I awoke this morning feeling more of stardust than terra firma.

My conundrum of how to pay for this dream is still very much present, but that fact feels more wondering what happens in a movie that I happen to be starring in; rather than the incredibly intense evocations the conundrum had on me this time last week.

I arrived at the last day of my temp job, and opened the ol’ book of face.  My current favorite page had just posted this (I’m adding paragraphs, because stardust or not, the lack of such gives me a headache):

“Nervous about what next? It’s normal, We’re programmed to outguess and attempt to outsmart the future – like predicting which way the animal you were hunting would run next, or predicting the winning lotto numbers, it’s deep-wired into our DNA. And sometimes you can. But right now with things moving so randomly, it’s probably a good moment to experiment with a different stratagem.

It’s what I’m doing today. Ancient Taoist mystics talked about investing in loss. Meaning you invest your striving, driving energy to be someone into losing your identity instead, or rather merging it with the whole: you stop taking yourself so personally. Taking yourself and your existence less personally and it reduces that tendency to worry about coming out of the game ahead. After all, if we’re honest with ourselves about it, the only way we ever come out of this game is dead.

So fretting too much over whether it’ll go this way or that in the meantime is a bit of a pointless waste of vitality and mind-power. Meanwhile reality as we know it acts as a huge mirror to whatever we believe reality to be. It’s a proper slut like that, It just moulds itself to what you want it to be. Neither I nor anyone else can possibly tell you what to want it to be, or course.

But I do get the distinct sense today that just waiting round the corner is a wonderful swing from dark to light, from difficult to easy, from irksome to wonderful, from yin to yang. Perhaps you feel it too, this grand shift lurking round the bend.

So rather than drive yourself round the bend trying to see what’s there and whether it’ll be kind to you by making life all neat and tidy again, my strong hunch is that today will be far better spent letting go into the mystery, enjoying the now regardless of how messy it may feel or be, and trusting the Tao to perform with its usual unpredictable elegance in mirroring this anticipated benign transformation of circumstances by actually bringing it about.

All the while, here we are – and glory be for that – graciously, patiently, joyfully anticipating a magnificent fresh scenario and setup coalescing into form even as we speak. . Fertile Friday. CHI!”

The page is here, and is full of brilliance.

So, I graciously, patiently, and joyfully sign off.  Remember to drink lotsa water in these high vibin’ times, breathe nice n’ deep, and if you feel too stardusty, focus on your cute little feet sticking to this wild little planet.


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