I don’t need to struggle in order to grow…

I know I’ve referenced Ask Teal before, but I’m going to do it again!  Certain teachers, philosophers, writers, and such resonate with us; it’s a very personal and individual matter, and for me it changes all the time.  Always spend time on whatever resonates with you personally – not just the teacher or the philosophy, but every aspect of the information.  Remember that all purveyors of information are lil’ human filters, and we humans do make mistakes.

We attract everything into our lives that exists.  We do this with our behaviors, our beliefs, our expectations, our thoughts, and our vibrational level.  A core belief is the stem from which the other factors branch off.  The video below helped me spot one, a big ol’ one!

At one point she asks the viewer to consider their view on the meaning of life, and this thought went through my head:

The meaning and purpose of life is to expand – struggle provides expansion.

Awwww, shit!! …no wonder!  Fix that:

Living a life of passion and ease creates great expansion!

I’m still having a bit of dissonance with that sentence, ’tis how it works.  I know it’s true though, and I will soon feel it to be true.

I hope you enjoy the vid as well!



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