Oh shit, a lot of people could actually read this. Hmm.

I’m feeling concerned with others’ opinions of me today.  I’ve been submitting writing to various places, and hopefully it’ll lead to a lot of people seeing the work I’ve been spending so much time on.

What will they think?  This is some really, really, personal stuff.  Do I really want people to know that much about me?  People who I don’t know anything about?  Eeesh.  If I were to apply the philosophies that I so adore, it’d be a non-issue.  To be so brave!

However, writing has become my favorite thing to do.  Hours fly by in a whoosh and when I get up I feel relief and accomplishment.  After writing I feel like I’ve sorted some part of life out, and the world makes just a little more sense.  What if people were to read my work and feel that kind of comfort, like so many writers have done for me?

I suppose if I’m no good then the former won’t be an issue, eh?  We shall see.  I honestly hope that I’m creating something that people will connect with, and that I’ll officially have to stop giving a shit about what others’ think.

Whatever happens I know I will always always be able to express myself with words, and feel lighter.  That’s pretty darned awesome.


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