Follow your random thoughts, they often lead somewhere.

Six months ago I was still in Alaska, and it was snowing.  Snowing on May friggin’ first.  I had been out (as usual), and a woman came up to me and said, “Just so you know, you are a very beautiful woman” with a pitying look in her eyes.

I was feeling so down on myself that a complete stranger felt the need to try and mend my confidence.

I walked home, broke it on down, had a good cry, picked myself up from the floor.  Went to the internets, and MindBodyGreen had posted an article by Shannon Kaiser.  It was funny, super relatable, and very wise.  My personal trifecta of qualifications that describe a great writer.  I remember thinking to myself, “what a badass, I want to know people like that, I want to be like that”.  I submitted my first article to the website shortly after.

She’s been popping into my head out of nowhere the last few days, and today it happened again.  I followed the random thought to her Facebook page and discovered that she was having an event in my neighborhood a few hours later!  Not just any event, but an event about how to fix money woes, and it was free.  Perfection.

It was super intimate, about ten people.  She spoke from a place of going through her own ick, and reaching the other side.  She bubbled enthusiasm!  She is seriously amped about living a conscious, fun, beautiful life-and teaching others to join her.  It makes her sparkle.  I’ll reference her advice in another post, it was brilliant.

She is wildly successful, living the proverbial dream.  She is also someone who I had a really fun time shooting the shit with after the event–just a down, cool, chick.  Who also writes beautifully about spirituality, self-love, and how to manifest the life you’ve always wanted.

The experience made my goals seem more tangible, I feel grateful and inspired.  Always follow the random thoughts, they often lead somewhere.

Alright, I’ve got to go make a peacock painting entitled, “Bling-Bling-Bitches”.  ‘Cause my life is awesome like that.


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