On drugs, mmmkay?

I’m no stranger to consuming things that change my headspace.  I been known to enjoy an herbally-aided tasty dinner and I love a quality craft brew.  Coffee, mmm.

Ten years ago my habits didn’t tell this tale of moderation.  I was always smoking the pot.  Wake’n’bakes were normal, followed by some out of control trips to the cafeteria.  I mainly stuck to an “if it grows in the ground” policy with drugs, but it was broken.  Quite a few times.  There was also a whole lotta of boozin’ it up.  Know where I was living at this point?  Vegas.  I’ve got some good stories from these times.  Good times indeed.  Indubitably.

In the midst of these shenanigans I had my favorite college class.  Eastern Philosophy, taught by the coolest professor ever.  I really looked up to him and valued his opinion.  One day my partying ways had gotten me into some sort of trouble, and I found myself evaluating my lifestyle choices during class.

After the lecture I went up to him and asked for his opinion on drugs and consciousness.  He responded with something that has stuck with me since, and that I have passed on to many a twenty-something:

Drugs can lead to experiences that provide a doorway to an expansive way of living and experiencing your mind.  Why would you stand in a doorway?


The way to walk through the proverbial door, for me, was learning walking meditation. This practice allowed me to clear space in my mind for the universe to creep in without the aid of drugs. Meditation is without question the most transformative action I’ve ever taken.  I wrote more about meditation and the process of learning here.

I’ll close with a verse from Mackelmore’s Magic:
Have you ever done hallucinogenics?
Children don’t get it twisted, I’m not recommending.
But it’s not fried brains and hippies and kids jumpin’ off buildings
It can be spiritual epiphanies and medicine.
Now I first tried shrooms when I was 16,
And the universe became more interesting.
I began to contemplate my place in this landscape
And reflect on what it meant to be a human being.
What I went through felt as though I dreamt it.
Through my experience, became aware of my breath, then
Began to cultivate my art with the intention of the heart,
Started to use my sentences as reflections.
And what I saw was God was in all of us and we all come to be interconnected.
And all that was depended on all of us
And had effects like a domino when you let it.
Go with the flow, that the universe holds.
Understand that there’s more than you expected.
I don’t do shrooms anymore ’cause I don’t need to explore.
All that I was looking for was was the present.

9 thoughts on “On drugs, mmmkay?

    • Thanks for the questions! Nope, it doesn’t mean “no” to drugs. He was telling me that saying “yes” to drugs can be a doorway to the path of enlightenment (so can study, or an intense event, or many many things). But, just the doorway, and not the path.

      • I see. Thank you for explaining. That’s an interesting perspective. And I agree on this.
        Let me ask You this…how do you walk the path then? How do you live/make the path? In your opinion of course…

        This reminds me of the movie Matrix. If you haven’t seen it, PLEASE DO.

        “There’s a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path.”

      • Oh, man! I haven’t seen that movie in so long–you’ve seen all of them right? The end of the third blows my mind.

        I started walking the path by learning how to explore my consciousness without the aid of drugs. My first step was walking meditation, which changed my life. I describe the process here: http://halcyonmusings.com/2013/07/16/78/

        Thanks again for your feedback!

      • Yes, I have seen them all many times 🙂 Craziest movie ive seen so far! Lost of great info.
        thank u, i will definitely check the website 🙂
        It feels as if “once you get the message, hang up the phone” when it comes to psychedelics. They have definitely opened the door for me. But with time ( havent taken any for about two years) it feels as if im being pulled back into matrix. and thats when im thinking that psychedelics could/should b taken once a time to refresh the consciousness,- clean it from the duality.

  1. “once you get the message, hang up the phone”-I love it! Exactly. Everyone’s got their own path, only you know how to “clean it [your mind] from the duality”. Again, so well phrased! Brilliant. I definitely recommend exploring your consciousness without aids regardless, meditation has been my hero. 🙂

    • Yup definitely love that saying too. I believe it’s by Alan Watts, if im not mistaken.
      That’s true. Everyone has their own path…that eventually will collide at the source.
      And as to meditation, that’s where I am planning of focusing. How is your meditation experience going ? 🙂

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