No manure, no magic.

This week I have been feeling so very grounded, it’s a relief, I must admit.  Times of great spiritual growth (any personal growth, for that matter), are imperative to becoming the people that we want to be…they are also really intense.

For those new to the path, a time of great spiritual growth feels like the “veil” has been lifted a bit.  I was having psychic events very frequently, and my thoughts stayed on a level of spiritual quandary consistently.  I felt kinda high.

I was also facing many of my shadows during this time, which isn’t very fun.  Crucial, but not a light-hearted thing to experience.  Old pains resurfaced all like, “hey lady, we’re not done here!”.  But, but, I thought we were

My life was also a mess.  It’s still not looking near ideal, but it’s much more solid.  I’ve got work on the pipeline, old friends have resurfaced, new ones have walked into my life, and a shit-ton more people are reading this!  I feel good.  I feel light, yet nice and grounded.

Without going through the intensity of the last six weeks (and this year, shite), I wouldn’t feel this lightness.  You must taste the sour to appreciate the sweet.  There is no light sans darkness.  No manure, no magic (i heart huckabees).  It feels like I’ve stepped into a time of positivity, of reaping the benefits.  Time for fun.

I’ll close with a quote from the great Tom Robbins (oh, to make love to words like he does!):

“Hard times and funky living can season the soul, true enough, but joy is the yeast that makes it rise.”


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