The power in not giving a shit.

This week I had a couple interactions that left me with the question, “why on Earth do they feel they can speak down to me like that?”.  I suddenly realized that I let them, that’s why.

I’ve developed a nasty habit of reacting to others’ negativity by, well, caring.  If someone doesn’t like me, or I get a negative vibe from them, I’ve wanted the opposite.  I wanted their approval.  I let not having it make me feel bad about myself.

When we seek approval from another in this way what we are doing is giving them a bit of our self worth, and asking them to please shine it up, make it bigger, and then to please return it.  That’s not their job.  That’s actually kind of an irritating request.  Do it yourself, yo.

In order to be accepted, we have to accept ourselves.  We need to be own biggest cheerleaders to attract others who will also cheer us on.  If someone doesn’t like me, that’s their issue (and loss, pssch).  I can choose to not let it bother me.  I can not give a shit, and just move right on.

2 thoughts on “The power in not giving a shit.

  1. I can easily get caught in the mental trap of worrying and caring about what others think of me. If I entertain these thoughts for any length of time I end up in a state of suffering. I have to remind myself that what others think of me is usually none of my business. It’s hard though because our brains are wired to seek approval. In our not so distant past being ostracized was a threat to our survival. Perhaps we are at a period of evolution where this is changing, but it’s hard to rewire the old pathways.

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