Mirrors can be obnoxious.

My last post regales in the power of not giving a shit about what others think of you, so I feel that I should also note the other side of the coin.  If we choose to release concern of others’ judgment, then how do we know when we’re fucking up?

Are you ready for this?  Do you know what I’m going to say?  Let’s say it together — the answer is inside you!  When delving into self-growth or matters of spirituality, introspection is always the answer.  We come equipped with a highly accurate navigation system.  Way better than GPS.

The answer to this one is found in our reactions, specifically.  When we overreact to something that another has done, good or bad, we are reacting to something we see in ourselves.

I’m not talking about any ol’ reaction.  If someone is a legit dick to you, and you get upset about it – that’s a reaction.  When someone does something very small, and it just ruins your day, and you spend hours and hours thinking about how they shouldn’t have done this tiny thing, and how dare they?!  That’s an overreaction.  It has become about you, not them.

It’s wise to ask ourselves, “why is this tiny transgression driving me nuts?”.  Root it down, get the very base of the offense.  You will find that when you generalize the action down to a word, it’s a trait or set of behaviors that you share with the transgressor.  Then comes the self-improvement.  As we work on ourselves, and change the behavioral patterns that don’t serve us, a magical thing happens…other people seem less obnoxious.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” -Carl Jung

This can also be used to amplify our good traits, which is more fun, for sure.  Have you ever put someone on a pedestal?  Ask yourself why you are putting them up there.  Root it down, get to the very very bottom core of their awesome.

Guess what baby, you have those same traits.  You are feeling a need to release them.  Let ’em fly!

2 thoughts on “Mirrors can be obnoxious.

  1. Thank you. I so needed to hear this right now. I spent all weekend obsessing over what another person did. I had to question why it bothered me so much. Once I sat with it for a while and didn’t react, I found that what she did triggered ole memories of similar and more traumatic incidences. It was good to get in touch with those feelings.

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