Daydreaming with intention.

Today I am focusing on visualization.  Daydreaming with intention.  It’s quite fun.

I woke up with my future husband in my future house, wrote on my future fancy laptop in my future peaceful window seat, and chose from the plethora of vintage finds in my future walk-in closet.  Afterwards I took a future trip to the far east and hot air ballooned over Bagan, then jetted over to New Guinea to hug a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree.

Visualizing in our minds what we want to happen in our lives helps us to get comfortable with the possibility of our dreams coming true.  Making our goals feel real in our minds helps us hold the energy that will make them reality, as like attracts like (but this isn’t the whole process).

I once found myself frustratingly heartbroken over an ex, even though I had started dating another guy.  They lived in the same city, and I lived a short flight away.  The night before a visit I imagined that I was kissing the new guy hello at a specific place, in a specific bar.  I imagined my ex walking up awkwardly as we kissed and my feeling smug, but pretending to feel awkward (very classy).

The exact friggin’ situation happened the following night, absolutely exact! 

I wasn’t intentionally creating reality there, I was just a scorned chick wanting to feel better.  That might have been why it worked so well…  I felt the emotions of each second, the happiness at reuniting with my new man, the joy of kissing, the spiteful feelings of “see, I’ve moooooved on”.  I replayed the scene over and over, relishing in each individual emotion.  It felt real in my head.  That’s the big trick.

You might call what I’m visualizing now a “bigger” dream, but it’s all the same to the universe.  Just energy.

I’m trying to summon the emotions that waking up next to my future hubster will cause, that wonderful mix of sexy and comfy.  Feeling the freedom and fun that financial abundance will bring, in simple ways; like my espresso machine with organic syrups or supporting clever local businesses.  I imagine what I’ll do on my eastern vacation, for sure – but I spend the most time imagining the excitement I will feel as I look out the airplane window, ’cause I know what that feels and looks like.  It’s tangible to me.

If you haven’t engaged in visualizing your dreams, I highly recommend that you do.  Not everyone finds ease in creating pictures in their heads, if that’s challenging for you then try writing down a scenario you want to experience.  Write in first person, “I step off of the airplane into the fresh Balinese air”.  Elaborate on things only you will notice or be excited about, “I grin at the warmth, realizing I don’t have to wear socks!”.  I enjoy both methods, and when I’m feeling kinda meh I just read something I’ve already written…

Any way you go about it, aim to get lost in the fantasy, you should feel a bit of a jolt when you come to.  The more real it feels, the closer you are.

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