During the recent hard times I’ve been helped out by some really rad people.  One of these people is friend from home, a very very dear one.  I asked to borrow money from her, which is a horrible feeling thing to do.  She was incredibly happy to help, and was very encouraging.  The interaction not only solved the scary problem at hand, but left me feeling empowered to tackle whatever was next.

This week she won ten thousand dollars!!

Karma.  Such a fascinating concept.  We usually hear it described simply as a bitch.  Steal, be stolen from.  Cheat, be cheated on.  Or the reverse, be awesome – receive awesome.  It doesn’t really work that way.  There is no score being kept, there are no scales judging us, and we are not punished nor rewarded for our actions (besides the plain ol’ consequences we learned in kindergarten).

The friend who gave to me so freely and kindly was putting out an energy of abundance.  I asked for help, and she said, “heck yes!  I’m so excited that I’m in a position where I can help!”.  Like attracts like.  She wasn’t being rewarded for her kindness, per se, however she was feeling all “weeee I have shit-tons of monaaaay!!!” like crazy (she recently earned herself a promotion).  Just oozing with gratitude for her bounty!  So she attracted more of it, and that makes me very very happy.

It is wise to give when the opportunity is presented – if you really enjoy the giving.  That is key, be grateful for your ability to give.  If you are going to give and then feel like a martyr, you’ve just got more “feeling put out” coming at you.  It’d be energetically wiser to keep that cash in your pocket and try to really appreciate it being there.

I know that the idea of karma has provided many people with a sense of fairness in a world that can seem anything but, and it’s disheartening to let it go.  Sometimes assholes will seem to have it all.  The thing is though…have you ever met a happy dickhead?  A truly fulfilled bitch?  A content meanie-face-head?  No.  It doesn’t feel good to treat others in a harmful way, it does not lead to a meaningful and connected life.  It leads to hollowness and disconnect, and a constant striving for something that can’t even be placed.  They punish themselves.

All we can do is accept that everyone is where they are on their own path, and let them go (seriously, get the eff out of there, you don’t need that shit). Send them blessings and light from a distance – knowing that their harmful behavior has nothing to do with you.


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