Purpose, passion, and callings.

I just watched the John Oliver goodbye on Jon Stewart and got misty eyed, those men LOVE what they do (and each other, it was really sweet), they are compelled to perform.  I have a buddy who lights up when he talks about cooking, he gets the biggest smile on his face and kinda does this adorable little happy dance.  I have another friend who starts speaking super fast whenever she talks about making documentaries; sometimes sporting a shit eating grin, and sometimes with her face all determined like she’s solving a complicated puzzle.  Passion is just the cutest.

We all have things we are at our happiest when we’re doing, I think it is so beautiful.

I love to write and think about the universe and what the heck we’re doing here, I can’t stop doing it, it’s just what I like to do.  It’s an urge.  It feels like what I should be doing, it’s just the best.  It is my calling.

The writer and soul-oriented physician Lissa Rankin recently pointed out that we might not necessarily like our calling.  It’s hard to be someone who talks openly about spirituality, a lot of people think it’s “weird” (such a silly word).  Many people disregard me as being quixotic.  The things I love to discuss make a lot of people uncomfortable.  It feels embarrassing to be so exposed, it’s scary.

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to be someone who has a passion for something more common and accepted, like a passion for teaching. It seems so much more mellow than being someone who has an urge like mine, and still so meaningful.

Alas, I am me and I love what I love.  I substitute taught for a while and I found it to be just awful, teaching has plenty of “hard” aspects itself.  Everything does, we wouldn’t learn much if it didn’t.  It’s meant to be a little hard so we can grow and be challenged.  ‘Tis good for the soul.  We just have to try to be as true to ourselves as we possibly can, trusting that even if that’s sometimes scary – it’s worth it.

Really the only way we can ever truly connect to another person is to be exactly who we are – who can love you for everything that you are if you don’t reveal who that is?  The only way to be exactly who we are is to do the things that we love to do.  Look for what makes you do your own lil happy dance, and once you find it, do that thing like effing crazy!


2 thoughts on “Purpose, passion, and callings.

  1. I, like you, feel like I cannot talk to anyone. In general, the word spirituality has so many different connotations to humans. It tends to turn them off and makes one feel like a freak of nature. Also, I continually contemplate our existence and this vast universe that most humans think that they are the sole proprietors of. Strange shit. I guess it’s time to start a blog. : ) Thanks for your honesty, as it helps those of us that have yet to find the courage to address their passion.

  2. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that that there’s no one to talk to about these things; just that a lot of people don’t want to. Folks who are on the path to awakening are certainly not the majority (yet), but there are a whole whole lot of us. I’ve been finding that if I bring up topics of a spiritual nature most of the people I’ve been attracting are more than game to chat about it. It’s been really fun, definitely a new thing for me. Even those who don’t feel inclined to think about the universe and our place in it haven’t been judging me for doing so, they just change the topic and we chat about something else.

    I can’t wait to read your blog! Thank you for reading and interacting with me and mine. 🙂

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