The masks are off.

I remember talking to a friend a while ago, really upset, and saying “I feel like everyone’s wearing masks all the time, I’m tired of the façade, I can’t stand it”.

I feel like people are finally taking off their masks.

The vast majority of people who have been walking into my life the last month have been fully present, raw, and real.  Within a few minutes of meeting we’ve figured out that we’re on the same page, and the conversations have been amazing.  Six months ago I couldn’t have dreamed about discussing conscious evolution with a random stranger!

I just started writing this five months ago…it really seems like another life.  I started writing with a pen name, and I was too afraid to have a Facebook account linked to this site.  What was I afraid of?  That people would know that I’m fascinated by the process of our spiritual evolution?  Oh.  How shameful.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  So silly!

Before I left Alaska I wasn’t embracing who I was, I was scared that people wouldn’t like me if they really knew me.  I was so lonely.  Surrounded by people and lonely, which is certainly the worst kind of lonely.

There are many exceptions, but many of the people I found myself around were very aloof.  I thought I was so different from them.  What I never stopped to consider is that I was wearing my own mask.  They wore the façade of “aloof”, and I chose “just fine and dandy”, but they’re the same shit.  Not being real with one another (or ourselves).

Through writing this, through moving to Portland, through facing myself and my darkness – I’ve taken off my mask.  It seems like with this proverbial mask removed, people can tell that we’re similar.  Even though they’ve never read my writing, and have no idea I’m dying to chat about the transformative properties of meditation, or LOA, or heart intelligence; we meet and we do.  Over and over.  I expect it now.  I feel like superb conversation and like-minded people are a given when I venture out.  It’s really fucking awesome.

If you are hiding a part of yourself, I recommend that you just stopitrightnow.  By being excited about the things you love you will attract others who love the same thing, it’s so fun!  Whether it’s spirituality, or the same sex, or making ice cream, or ventriloquism – own it.


6 thoughts on “The masks are off.

  1. Unfortunately and fortunately, WordPress has been my only source, as far as spirituality is concerned. I have yet to meet anyone that I feel comfortable talking to regarding this. I have one person I am able to communicate with, but when it comes to family and friends, I’m not comfortable broaching the subject. I hope to be able to communicate with more like minded individuals in the future. It has been quite the journey, this is for sure. A lonely one as well, yet this is partly by choice.

    • Hello again! Have you checked out the websites and Facebook pages on my recommendations, above? I think you’d enjoy a whole lot of them. I think you might also really like You got this, friend.

  2. Thanks, I needed this. : ) And, thanks to insomnia, I just received your message. haha Yet another thing I have dealt with the majority of my existence. Is, what it is. Gotta roll with it.

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