Pondering Energy Types

I was enjoying an impressive happy hour with even more impressive views a couple weeks ago.  I was there with a few new friends, one who is very talented at seeing and understanding energy.  He was talking about the differences between myself and the other Empath at the table, because my life is now awesome like that.

He described her as a nurturer, someone who uses the Empath traits to feel what another feels and then tries to make them feel better.  He turned to me, and I’ll admit I felt a little anxious about what he was going to say, as the smirk on his face indicated that I was not a nurturer.

“You’re an opener.”

I do believe I have the jist of what this means, and I’ll save you the (further) self-indulgence.  It got me wondering though…if there are different types of Empaths, then what other categories of energy types exist?

In The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield talks about dramas people develop in childhood to gain energy via attention from one another, rather than from Source.  Some intimidate others, scaring people them into giving away their energy.  Aloof folks have an air of mystery about them, drawing others (and their juju) in out of curiosity.  Poor Me’s are victims of life, pulling in energy by eliciting pity and guilt.  Interrogators steal energy away by judging and questioning others.  (I think there are way more ways, and we use bunches of them depending on who we’re around.)

The book says that these dramas block our experience of the mystical, and the story goes into lovely ways to draw in energy without invoking them.  I read this book the first time about ten years ago and have always wondered – what would happen after that?

People who reach a stage of the awakening process learn to bring in energy whenever they like, sans the thievery, but most still interact with others as much as much as the next guy – how does their limitless energy behave?  If my unconscious energy patterns aim to evolve, and my friend’s to heal – what myriad of possibilities are there?  What would be the most beneficial way to go about it?  How can I improve?

My intuition is that, as always, we should just go with our gut and do what feels right…because there is no one right way (never is).  I feel like I must be on the right track if I can’t help but smile when I’m interacting with someone, and I can feel love coming from my core…even when being a bit mischievous or poking a little.  Wink.


2 thoughts on “Pondering Energy Types

  1. I read the Celestine Prophecy nine years ago when I was 20….would be interesting to pick it up now and read it again, I have evolved a lotttt into this 29-year-old me 🙂 Great posts! I seriously am so incredibly excited to meet you, thanks for making that Meetup group!!

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