Halcyon Cafe, my baby.

When I was twenty-three years old I wrote this:

Mission Statement

To create a community of people who desire a paradigm shift in our world, and to create these changes through raising money and awareness for organizations that have proved themselves to be successful in creating positive changes. These are the main desired changes in our paradigm:

  • Environmental: Realize that if we don’t support our environment, then it won’t support us. We need to breathe, drink, and eat. If we poison what sustains us we won’t survive as a species, nor will anything else.
  • Empathetic: Humans are humans no matter where they live. We all deserve to live a life that provides sustenance, self-sufficiency, and a lack of fear. We need to learn to see ourselves in others. We need extreme change to happen, and without violence.
  • Conscious: We need to remember that our place on this Earth is about growth, loving and evolving-not about money and ego.

It came out of nowhere, whilst contemplating what the hell I wanted to do with this life.  (Like most of these posts.)  My first move on this mission was to name it, I consulted one of my favorite books – the thesaurus.  Halcyon it was!  Its beauty jumped out of the page and seemed to shout, this is your future!!!

A beautiful word of many meanings, I’ll give it its own post…I’m surprised it just now occurred to me to do so.  Here are some synonyms: happy, idyllic, carefree, blissful, joyful, contented, flourishing, thriving, successful, serene, calm, tranquil, and peaceful.  Lovely, isn’t it?  One word for all of those things that together add up to living the dream life.

I’ve spent the eight years since then doing various things under this gorgeous word; primarily organizing fund and awareness raisers for charity, this blog, a creative services business, TV show idea, art shows, and articulating the big dream – my charity cafe that I started planning in high school.

Halcyon Cafe will raise money for local charity projects via tasty treats.  I find the specificity in projects rather than organizations to be crucial; I feel that putting the specific project under the spotlight will bring tangibility to what non-profits do for communities.  I think that the awareness of money being raised, and then actually seeing the change it creates will create a shift in how people perceive do-gooding.  I think that it will get people to act, encouraging folks to start really giving a shit about what’s going on around them.

Of course you don’t walk in and feel like you’re being encouraged to start giving a shit.  You eat frozen yogurt, you drink a Bellini, you savor a latte, you read free books, you draw with provided supplies, you generally chill out.  In a conscious manner.  Slowly being infused with conscious ideas.  Osmosis via snacks.  Muah-haha, step in to my blissful web!

About three weeks ago I was struck with an incredible urge to try (again) to make my dream a reality.  I obsessively created a website and a fundraising strategy (sorry I haven’t been writing!), and late Saturday night I launched.

It’s such an emotional thing.  I feel incredibly vulnerable – which is totally my nature, but, you know…more than usual.  This project means so so much to me, it feels like part of who I am.  I imagine parents must feel this way…thinking about how much I care about it actually makes me tear up!

When I meditate on “is it time?” I get that ol’ smile in my belly thing going on, which I am taking as a resounding yes.  (Or is my belly just a blissful organ?) However nothing’s happened yet, and although I’ve gotten so much stronger through writing this blog – self doubt still attacks.

Wish me luck guys, and if you’d like to support the project by buying stickers or tees and stuff, click on the feller I drew below (he’s a Halcyon Kingfisher!).

Thank you.



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