Small Things

I just had the most delightful lunch.  I took a five minute walk in the sun to check out a Thai restaurant at my boss’s suggestion.  I found a table in a sun-puddle, one of the best things in the world…cats are pretty smart.  I ordered one of my favorite meals, yellow curry, and sat in my sun-puddle reading a book I am madly in love with.  (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which ironically I’ve devoured primarily alone in public.)  I ate my delicious noms that were also so cheap, I love this city; and listened to the waitress telling another table about her favorite Thai holiday.  It sounded lovely and I wanted to go.

I had a sudden thought.  If you aren’t able to appreciate and savor life’s little pleasures, you could travel the world and experience everything it has to offer – while still being trapped in a personal prison, never truly experiencing a single thing.

That’s all.


4 thoughts on “Small Things

    • Absolutely! I love moods where I not only notice, but manage to savor all of the small treats in daily life…just the best. They make the bad moods seem especially out of place… 🙂

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