Is the juice worth the squeeze?

I base all of my big life decisions on a quote from the 2004 classic film about a porn star, “The Girl Next Door”.  Okay, it’s not a classic at all – it’s pretty funny though, and I heart Emile Hirsch.  This is the quote:

Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze. 

There are no right or wrong actions.  There are only things that are of service to those involved, and things that aren’t.  As a result of asking this question to myself often, most of my choices primarily effect myself alone.  (Big fan of freedom.)  Even if you’re not single, ourselves alone are often the primary effected party.  So often, is this of service to  my desires and intentions? is what is being asked by is the juice worth the squeeze?.

In life there are many opportunities to use this: having kids, having that third drink, career moves, move-moves, getting your exercise on, getting it on, starting a relationship, ending a relationship, sitting down to meditate, sitting down to Netflix, eating those tasty yet greasy fries, eating that bitter yet nutritious kale…is the juice worth the squeeze?

Next time you face any decision, I highly recommend asking yourself; is the juice worth the squeeze?

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