About this here website.

Human life is funny. It’s rad, and weird, and fascinating, and the best growing experience in the whole darned universes. If you can’t laugh at it all, I do believe you have missed the point…

I don’t care for organized religion. Evolution excites me. I find ‘gurus’ to be very suspect. The Tao is my favorite philosophy. Difficult times caused me to start questioning the norm. The key to enlightenment is owning your shit. The Earth is alive. I consider eating cashew ice “cream” to be a divine experience. Meditation saved my life. (I wrote a book about it.) Wake up. Gratitude can be a lifestyle. Our hearts are intelligent.  Energy is awesome. Tesla and Jung were geniuses. So is Tom Robbins. And Lloyd Dobler.

I write about stuff like that, and my attempts at applying this stuff to my daily life’s happenings––because the mystical tends to come right alongside the mundane. You can start at the beginning, peruse the tags on the right of the home page for subjects that interest you, or pick from the random-ass photos I’ve chosen…whatever’s clever!

Meg Hartley

2 thoughts on “About this here website.

  1. Hi! I just want to let you know how happy I got to read your artikel about indigo people! Thankyou thankyou for sharing it, it felt like you were discribing me!⭐️🙏

    Bliss and joy!💜

    Love Alexandra 🌞

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