What a year can bring…

I woke up this morning feeling so so very good.  I had lucid dreams all night, and I learned all kinds of new tricks!  I was changing the forms of many things, making them disappear in a sparkle-dust, or changing the colors of items.  (I recently read Night Circus, I think it inspired me.) I kept transforming clothing, I felt like the fairy godmothers in that one Disney movie, superfun.  I also remembered to talk to other characters for once, and it was FASCINATING.  I was flying for most of this, obviously.  Ahh, good times.

After lying there and recapping my adventures for a good half hour I checked my phone.  There was an encouraging email from a publisher!  I’m going to start volunteering for them and learning about the industry.  I very much want to create a book, I think it’s in this here website somehow, it’s still cooking…  These guys sound like total change-making awesomenesses, and I’m really excited to volunteer with them.

On the volunteering note, the gallery I work with is having a shindig tonight that I’m also amped about.  Tomorrow is April 20th/Easter and I’m celebrating by meeting up with some very conscious friends.  We’re going to partake herbally then hit up one of the many tasty happy hours in my hood and talk about the universe.  I’m also up for a promotion at work that would be wildly suited for me, send good juju!  On top of all of this goodness I had an intuitive reading last week that blew my mind and made my biggest goals feel like fate.

I was drinking delicious coffee at the laundrymat/cafe/bar (I love you PDX!!) a few blocks from me this morning, just feeling grateful like crazy, when I suddenly remembered – on this day a year ago I was in friggin’ jail!

It was the first morning of my four day stay (mandatory minimums), and life was pretty darned shitty.  In addition to making the mistake I was paying for, a job had just crumbled to pieces in a way that broke my heart and left me feeling taken advantage of.  Everywhere I went in my small Alaskan hometown I felt like people were talking about me, and there was a fair chance they were.  I felt very misunderstood, and had no awakening friends.  I knew I needed to get the hell out of Alaska but I had no idea how I was going to do it.  Plus I was really afraid someone was going to break my glasses, ’cause I was in effing jail.  I felt utterly lost and hopeless.

What a year can bring!  That is some stark stark contrast.  Like, whoa.

If you’re out there feeling totally miserable, hang on my friend.  When shit happens, and it will, learn the lesson.  There is always a lesson.  I’ve also found that when everything crumbles, it just means it’s time for something better.  Keep your chin up and your eyes on the prize – it gets better.




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