What’s happening??

I really did think I was going to sail though all this crazy astrological juju unphased, totalllly centered, just smooth sailing.  Ha.  Something happened at work, and for obvious reasons I can’t go into the details.  Suffice it to say, that job is over for a nonsensical reason (I wasn’t even there for the event in question!) and it really took me off guard.  It was freaking hailing after I left the building.  It was an incredibly random half hour.

I’m trying to focus on the notion that we have to make space in our lives for bigger and better things before we can move on to them.  Last week the intuitive reader I went to actually reminded me of that fact.  I texted her right after it happened, she reminded me that ‘spirit closes a door and then opens a window’.

I said I sure wish the window would open first and then I could shut the fucking door myself.

She reminded me that then my faith wouldn’t be tested, and that it would just be a hobby.  (On point, that one…)

So.  I’m gonna spend the day making a painting and meditating.  Trying to clear my head so I can focus on what’s next and how to proceed.  Ugh.

Excited to report back with good news.  Whewwwww, I can do this.  Rawr.

3 thoughts on “What’s happening??

  1. Good luck! I hope you get your new position and that it works out well for you and you can stick it up your former employer!

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