Barf-a-roni-pie WITH anchovies.

I was just instructed on how to use a dishwasher, down to, “when they are clean, you should put them in the cupboard”, ahh temping.  The life of being a substitute secretary.  At least I don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom today.  Hoooray!  Another job opportunity ended last week with the crushing words, “you are just ridiculously overqualified.”  That feels about as great as being dumped because the dude, “likes you so much it scares him”.  BARF.  Barf-a-roni-pie WITH anchovies.

A couple of months ago I discovered the word espavo.  It means “thank you for taking your power” and is said to come from ancient Lemuria.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  The idea of people stepping into the biggest greatest version of themselves and owning it makes me very happy.  So empowering.  It feels good to say to myself, especially after being spoken to like I’m an idiot.

Around the same time I chopped my hair off all by myself.  I read a couple of DIY articles, tied my hair in a pony, and CHOPPED IT OFF.  It might sound silly, but it felt wildly empowering.  I wet my hair to shape the new length, turned on the hair dryer…and shut down all of the power in my old-ass apartment.

So there I was, hair newly chopped off, half wet, sticking to my face, hair dryer in hand, full of empowered adrenaline, in pitch black darkness.  It was so ridiculous it was funny.  So add, “laughing alone like a crazy person”, to that list.  After a few trips to the dark creepy basement full of spiders and hard to find lights, I got the power back on.  I finished easily and it’s pretty darn cute if I don’t say so myself.

Perhaps I’m at the creepy basement full of spiders portion of espavo-ing right now. (Still.  Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to run in Jell-O!)  My life will look pretty darn cute any minute.  Eh?  Huh-rumph.

It’ll be a funny story when I’m über successful.  Yeah.  Espavooo.

(How to fill a dishwasher my ass you condescending piece of poo!)

P.S. I’m writing a novel, apologies for the lack of posts!


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