The Law of Attraction

As I’ve mentioned a couple times, I’m writing a book, hooray!  I just finished a bit on The Law of Attraction, perhaps the most detested and loved of New Age thoughts.  I thought it might be helpful, so here it ’tis!

Damn Fine Turkey Sandwich

Olivia sat in the back of the conference room, trying not to listen.  Halcyon WIT was putting on a weekend of classes about the topics they cover with their clients individually.  Sometimes she caught herself getting swept up and nearly raising her hand to ask a question.  These guys were good.  She had to remind herself repeatedly that it was all a bunch of bullshit.  If it can’t be proven, it doesn’t exist.

Her ears perked up when someone in the audience brought up a popular book that sells the idea that you can attract the life you want with your thoughts.  Prime woo-woo bullshit.  The audience member asked what Wendy and Morgan thought about this theory, and the two looked at each other, smirking a little.  Finally Morgan groaned, and started.

“The Law of Attraction is real, though incredibly misunderstood due to massive oversimplification.   We can only create situations in our lives that we are at the same vibrational frequency with.  Take the issue of self-worth.  If you feel shitty about yourself, you will attract situations that will reinforce this vibration.  Perhaps you are comfortable with money.  You grew up with it your whole life, you expect it to be there.  It will probably stay there.  What will reflect your vibration of lack/low self worth is something that you are shakier about, perhaps love?  You will attract people who don’t get you, who reinforce this opinion of worthlessness.

But I think I’m awesome, and my life is crap, you say?  You might reply that you think you are the bee’s knees if you’re asked – but then your dominant thoughts may be worrying about what people think of you, or criticizing yourself, or comparing yourself to others.  Feeling unworthy of whatever it is in your life that you lack, on a deep deep level.

This is not a simple subject.  Changing your vibrational frequency is not a quick solution to your cash woes and people problems.  Changing your vibrational frequency is the process of enlightenment, it’s work, and it takes time.  The jist of the Law of Attraction is feel good – attract good.  The thing is though, can people go from feeling crappy about themselves to feeling confident and loving just like that because they now know that it will affect other situations in their lives as well?  Don’t people know that already?  Isn’t that why people see therapists, because they feel crappy and want lives and situations that are better, because they want to feel better?

Also, shit happens.  You could be vibrating on the highest levels possible and people you love will still die.  Natural disasters will still happen.  You will still grow out of, and therefore lose, situations you thought you wanted.  You will have a much easier time handling all of these things, for sure, but they will still happen.  If nothing ‘bad’ ever happened life wouldn’t ever change, and we would never grow.  Shit needs to happen, it’s actually a ‘good’ thing, and no amount of positivity will prevent it from happening to you.

The best thing you can do for yourself is learn to be satisfied with whatever situation you are in.  Appreciate it for what it’s teaching you, be an active student of life.  When you engage life in this way, you’re in a state of allowing, drawing the things you want to you.  (If they are aligned with your life path, and with divine timing – which is rarely when you thought you wanted, but always perfection in hindsight.)  While you can’t always attract everything that you want, you can absolutely block things that you want from coming into your life.  Gratitude is the attitude!

However, not to be a total downer, I do recommend that you play with attracting small things!  I used to have a client with all kinds of money woes.  She grew up poor and had a financial lack mentality just burned into her psyche, and tied into her self-worth.  I could tell it was going to take a long while for her to work out all of the different areas that were affected by it.  I told her to try attracting small things in the mean time, and she was great at it!  She’s got all kinds of great stories, but I think my favorite of hers was a story about going to a concert.

She really wanted to see the Flaming Lips at McMenamin’s, but couldn’t afford it, as usual.  She was listening to the band as she worked the day before the concert and suddenly sent out a request, ‘Hey Universe, if it’s in my highest and best interest, I’d love it if you could send me to the Flaming Lips concert tomorrow.  Thank you!!’, she imagined being there for a few moments, and then she went on her merry way.

That night she had an urge to go to a pub that she had never been to before, so she went, and met someone who knew someone that was desperate for posters from the concert.  She wound up being paid $200 to go to the concert, as well as being given tickets for herself and a friend!

So, long story short, it is real.  It is also not as simple as it is often presented.  Cultivate gratitude.  Start small, it’s lots of fun.”

The woman looked disappointed, but also a bit bemused, like something had clicked for her.

Olivia thought to herself, “Fuck it.  Hey Universe, I’d like a turkey sandwich”.  A couple hours later the seminar wound up.  Wendy came up and thanked her, and let her know that there was complementary food in the backroom for those who had rented spaces in the hall that day.

It was a damn fine turkey sandwich, but she still wasn’t sold.


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