Sweet blessed change.

Whoooofta!  What a month.  I was homeless for three weeks there, but I got by with a little help from my friends.  What could have been a desperate and horrible situation left me feeling loved and cared for.  It was stressful not having a home, no place to be alone and recharge, but I bonded with lovely people and was all the more grateful when I found a place to call my own.

Dudes, this freakin’ place!  I’ve been dreaming about a sanctuary in the middle of all of the city’s delights where I’d be surrounded by nature.  It’d have twinkle lights in the yard at night.  Cedar lined walls.  Eccentric cool details.  Maybe a staircase leading up to it like in Bridget Jones’ Diary, or the main girl’s place in Singles.  (Everyone totally gets that reference, right?)  I’d be allowed to paint the walls bright colors.  It’d be close to work, I’d ride my adorbs vintage bike there.  It’d have a bell.  And a basket.

ALL I NEED IS THE BASKET!  Seriously.  Every little detail has been fulfilled.  I’m sharing an insanely cheap two-bedroom with a girl who’s rarely there, in a four apartment home that was built in 1898.  One of the tenants, the owner’s brother, has created the most gorgeous garden I’ve ever seen surrounding the house.  The view from my room is solely gorgeous trees, plants, flowers, and at night — friggin’ twinkly lights.  My room is now a rich plum/eggplant color and the other rooms’ eccentrically slanted walls came already painted in some of my favorite colors.  Cedar lines the living room.  The staircase that leads up to the apartment is now adorned with some of my paintings and my facetious “hippies use back door” sign.

I scored an awesome bike that’s about my age named Bessie the Blue from Bikes for Humanity, and a gorgeous man who sold me a bike lock installed a free bell!  I got a gig in the marketing department (Finally!  Something in my field!) of a large retail company just a few minute ride down the street.  They are calling me a “permanent temp”, and hoping to be granted the budget to hire me proper.

I can’t believe that last post was only a month ago.  I keep thinking, “wait, that can’t be right”…  But, yuppers, that chaos was only thirty days ago.  Ah, sweet blessed change, what a relief.  Last weekend I noticed that I kept letting out long relieved sighs, kinda like I do every night when I take off my underwire.

Ahhhhhh, so sooooo much better.


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