Reflection and Toasters

Ah, New Year’s Eve. Time for the annual reflection and summation of the year past.  I generally chase this mood off with a gaggle of buddies and a bevy of champagne, ideally near someone I want to smooch at midnight and wearing a dress I feel hot in.  Wooo!

This year I’m chasing off the end of a flu-thing instead, with a drove of pillows and a colony of teabags, near a toasty heater and wearing the comfiest clothes I own.  Wooo…  (Not so bad, quite cozy, really.)

I’ve been scrolling through Facebook, checking out all of the “2014, it was the year that this and this and then that thing happened, there were lots of happenings!” posts.  I have not had a year of “happenings”, not in a Facebook-post-able fashion.  I’m still a single temp living in Portland.  Yup.

A lot did happen.  I made some very very very dear friends, found reliable work in a vocationally challenged city, took a trip home to Alaska, had much non-romantic relationship drama, half-heartedly tried to start Halcyon Cafe, failed miserably but enjoyed it immensely, started a novel, made lots of art, had an affair or two, enjoyed many visits from old friends and family, moved into an amazing apartment, learned to bicycle commute, and joined a food co-op that’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  That is a lot of happenings indeed.

At midnight last year I was at a party where the host blew up a toaster with “2013” written on it.  As I watched it explode, the copier scene from Office Space flashed into my head and I nearly lunged at that thing, ready to obliterate it even further.

I don’t feel that way about 2014, not even a little.  If 2014 were a toaster I could put in Wonder Bread and it’d be Dave’s Killer Bread when it popped out.  ‘Twas a transformative one indeed.  Not easy per se, but nothing like the dismantling of 2013, and totes worth the tricky bits.

For the coming year I resolve to focus on keeping my heart light, and to look at the things I want instead of those I don’t.  To take action when it flows, and to be ruminative when I feel impatient.  To say what I mean, and to mean what I say.  To honor it all, whilst remembering that it’s also no big deal.

I feel good about 2015.  I think it’s gonna be a BIG one.  This toaster will turn Dave’s Killer Bread into focaccia, at least.  Maybe even a buttery croissant.  Mmm.

Happy happity New Year!

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