The WTF wrinkle.

The last few weeks have contributed significantly to the deeper-by-the-day crease by my left eyebrow I’ve dubbed my “what the fuck” wrinkle.  The faces you make really do stick and life makes me furrow my left brow in a wtf-stinkface way WAY more often than I had realized.

The details are boring.  It’s a variation of whatever rigamarole that you’re probably going through.  A bunch of stressful events are happening with me, and to sooo many people I love.  It’s been a string of unrelated bummers and we’ll all be fine, but it’s been a really just crunchy-feeling few weeks.

I’ve been Netflixing deep-sea documentaries, eating frozen yogurt, and watching the garden incessantly.  This is what I do when I get real upset.  It’s been intense… I’ve named the squirrels and get excited when I see a new species of bird fly in.  There’s a small plant in the back that’s budding even though it’s January and a new lil’ kitty with tiger stripes that likes to wander on through randomly. Also hummingbirds are just the shit.  OMG I LOVE THAT GARDEN I’M SO FRIGGIN’ EXCITED TO SEE IT IN SPRING…what was I talking about?

Shit happens, it sucks, but we’ve just got to look it in the face and do the best we can ’till it goes away, taking special care to let it go away.  Deep breaths.  Thoughtful action.  Indefatigable optimism.  Funny people.  Friggin’ garden watching.



2 thoughts on “The WTF wrinkle.

  1. Classic. I happen to have the perpetual duo “what the fuck” and now permanent brow furrow. I have decided to roll with this being the so called sign of a “wise one” explanation. ; ) When one goes to sleep and wakes with the same ever increasing brow furrow, there needs to be an explanation. This made me smile. Thanks. : )

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