Turd City

Yesterday I was watching the garden after a really nice meditation session.  A hummingbird landed on the tree outside of my window and seemed to look right at me.  They are the most amazing creatures, such fierce energy in a teeny-tiny little mass, the vibrant colors of a peacock perfectly arranged into two square inches.  They are also full of personal meaning for me, my sister and I have tattoos of the majestic little birdies in honor of our mother.

It was the first time I’ve seen a hummingbird land.  There it was, all of that fierce tiny energy, on pause for a brief moment – and staring at me.  It felt magical.

Then it dropped a deuce, and flew away.

C’est la vie.  Even distinguished beings doodie. (Embodies ones, anyhoo.)  Nothing is as perfect as it seems.  I was really nervous about starting that last temp job because it was for a large corporation, not nervous because of evil, but because of “perfect people”.

I thought it would be all shiny coifs and uncomfortable shoes, with everyone knowing exactly what they were doing, and doing it sans any mistakes.  Nope, total turd city.  It was very empowering to see people in such high positions make decisions in such a shruggish manner.  Everyone’s winging it.  Just like my poopin’ friend.

I can do that.  I’m as smart as the folks winging it.  Why not just go for it?


One thought on “Turd City

  1. After working as a temp for a big corporation for over a year I totally see every single person winging it every day. 🙂
    Whenever we get a new person, it’s always the same response: “I thought would be more professional/perfect.” We’re all just trying to figure out this life thing and I’m happy to be around humble people. (For the most part , bleh.)

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