To the mattresses.

Something bad is threatening to happen.  A place I really really love (like really really really, there’s been blog posts gushing about it, LOVE) might be taken from me.  I cried for a long time after receiving the threat last night, trying to come to terms with the loss, then at some point it turned into fuck it – I’m not going to be bullied.


^ My new motto.  I’m fighting for it.  If I lose I’ll consult this ol’ story.  We never know what’s “good” or “bad” until the event is way in hindsight.  I just keep telling myself that everything is working out in the highest and best interest for everyone involved.  (So I guess what I’m saying is it’s all “good”.)

The astrological forecast is nuts balls this week, big big change is in the air, folks. Sunday was the completion of seven Uranus/Pluto meetings that started June 2012, and these meetings tend to clear out anything that’s not working; both externally and internally.  These are the dates of the meetings:

June 24, 2012: Uranus 08° 23′ Aries/ Pluto 08° 23′ Capricorn
Sept 18, 2012: Uranus 06° 57′ Aries, Pluto 06° 57′ Capricorn
May 20, 2013: Uranus 11° 14′ Aries, Pluto 11° 14′ Capricorn
Nov 1, 2013:    Uranus 9° 26′ Aries, Pluto 9° 26′ Capricorn
April 21, 2014: Uranus 13° 34′ Aries, Pluto 13° 34′ Capricorn
Dec 14, 2014: Uranus 12° 35′ Aries, Pluto 12° 35′ Capricorn
March 16, 2015: Uranus 15° 18′ Aries, Pluto 15° 18′ Capricorn

What was going on with you during these times?  Friday starts an eclipse cycle that ends on April 4th, these are associated with endings and beginnings…we shall see what it brings.

To be honest I really hope this plays out in a way that feels “good” right off.  I’m exhausted from all the starting over.  I just can’t even right now.  Too much.

Good luck this week homies!!

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