Two years and top ten Musings!

Things have been awesome and brilliantly uneventful – so I haven’t been writing here, haha.  C’est la vie, nothing to process, no Musings to write.  I’ve been dabbling in fiction, painting, and ice cream making though!

I checked in the other day and WordPress alerted me that I’ve been at this for TWO YEARS already!  I say already, but moving to Portland and starting this blog seems like eons ago…  Was that me?

In honor of two years of Halcyon Musings, here are my top ten faves (chronologically):
1. How to dissolve cheap beer hiccups with meditation.
2. Enlightenment is a Destructive Process
3. Ego – Who am I?
4. Supporters, boogers, and hoozies – feeling vulnerable.
5. Passing notes.
6. So this fish walks into a cave…
7. Forgiveness, heads and gross eyeballs attached.
8. The Law of Attraction
9. Why Meditate?
10. Butterfly, or a Man?


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