My heartbelly’s feelings on March.

My intuition says that this month will not be easy, necessarily, but that things are going to work out wonderfully for me.  Things have been incredibly stressful, financially and emotionally. Also, I’ve – as you likely have – had old mental constructs, beliefs, and situations coming up for review; basically stuff I don’t like and that doesn’t serve me anymore popping up to give me a chance to handle it with a sense of espavo – an empowering confidence in my true self.

We’re in another eclipse season, homies.  (March 9th and 23rd.) Change, change, change, change – that’s what eclipse seasons do.  Two years ago a job suddenly ended out of nowhere, and last year I had to move very suddenly.  Both times I was HUGELY upset, and then things calmed, and I was all like, “whoa, yeah, this is a much better fit.”

Since I am currently contending with health and wealth situations I wish to flippity-flop, I welcome the season of change, change, change, change!  Bring it on!  Though the feeling I’m going to be side-swiped is still present, like I’m not going to expect what’s coming…but not in a bad way.  Who knows.

Topic switch, I had the best morning yesterday!  I got 13 hours of sleep IN A ROW had almost practically NO PAIN for the first four hours of my day.  After a week where I’d biffed it in public numerous times because my legs wouldn’t hold me, a traumatic ER visit, and other just completely deflating news – I really needed a morning like that.  Healthy me, real me, is still in there!

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