Trusty Paradox

I was just reading something about trusting life that also delves into the concept of paradox, when I realized something; through all of the bananas drama I’ve been through – I’m fine, and I’ve been fine.  It always works out and no matter how bad it looks, I never get to the place of truly “not okay”.

I’m a believer in life being a teacher of lessons, and it struck me that maybe all of this seeming bad luck is a lesson in trusting life; in having faith that it will all work out as it should, that it’s all leading somewhere.  That it’s truly all good.  And that’s totally what I’ve been feeling lately, despite circumstances being far from ideal.

Coincidences like working for a health company most of last year; then having this serious illness situation that has seriously employed both the health-related knowledge and the improved writing skills that I gained on the job – are too repetitive to ignore.  Life really does keep proving to be leading somewhere, constantly preparing me for the next thing.

On paradox: a series of bummer situations that could’ve taught me not to trust life, have wound up teaching me the opposite.  I’m grateful for the ever-growing connection within, for the increasing closeness of my dreams, for everything that has brought me to where I am now, and for the things currently preparing me for whatever’s next.

I’m also grateful for today’s encouraging physical therapist appointment (improvement!), a six-block sunny walk in downtown Portland (I felt like a real person again!), and the discovery of cashew milk snickerdoodles frozen treat with organic raspberries and salted dark chocolate (who needs dairy and gluten?!).

Nitey-nite, homies.


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