Au revoir 1997’s cycle—you mofo, you.

Again, I come to you in a time of odd sleep, I must be inspired by it in some way—it happens a lot! It’s Saturday and I’ve slept like 10 hours since Monday, my job went wonky, my editor left the publication I was writing for, relationship havoc, wicked intense emotions (like WHOA), wack-a-doo symptoms that are changing all the time, and I had a yucky reaction to the MRI brain contrast fluid that was needled into me on Tuesday.


Here, here, here, here, here, and here are posts from former eclipse seasons. (The ones I where had enough wits to write!) They happen every Fall and Spring, and they are grand inciters of change. What doesn’t suit you anymore will crumble away (even if you thought you wanted it), and what you need will start entering (even if you think you don’t want it).

This eclipse season is especially significant to me because it’s also the end of a 19-year cycle that started the week my mother took her life. (And Princess Di died.) I’m no expert on astrology, so check out that link for deets—but I am sure as fuck ready to let go of the last 19 years. Bring on THE NEW!

The 16th is the second eclipse, and I’ve had several day-of events, but the time around the day is also way in the mix. I started paying attention just a few years ago, but for me it hasn’t been more than a week for wack-a-doo out of nowhere events. But the energy of the eclipse effects the next six months, until the next one.

On the second eclipse (they come in pairs) it’s often been not so much an event as a significant change of heart and focus, or the beginning of something new and awesome— something that will be memorable in hindsight, but that day you might be like “eh.”

I have good feels, guys. My tarot cards are saying ditto. I have no idea what’s happening, but I’ve got a lot of work to do and I LOVE it, so I’m just going to focus on that and try to keep the juju of “expecting presents” about me. Get it, get it, homies!


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