Once Again, Cannabis Saves the Day

In my last post, I was about to attempt working a full-time job. It most definitely did NOT work out, haha. I was fired four days in for being unimpressive at HTML, but suspected that my health issues (simply having fibromyalgia) had much to do with it. I was pissed, but then winter flares started and stayed for-freakin’-ever; so by the time my sister flew me home to Alaska for Christmas, I’d started to accept that the traditional 9-5 life wasn’t going to be an option for me.

I’d also started writing for a couple cannabis marketing agencies, ghostwriting blog posts for dispensaries all over the country. I barely made rent that month; but I was ecstatic to be able be making rent at all, let alone via doing something that I looooove. By spring I’d worked my way up to credited cannabis writing with my very favorite publication, Leafly, where I’m now a regular contributor.

I got to interview the leading endocannabinoid scientist about fibromyalgia being caused by imbalances in the endocannabinoid system, the little-known body system that works with the phytocannainoids (like THC and CBD) in cannabis. Another fun one was interviewing cannabis patients who are also parents about the judgement they face. Right now I’m working on one about the head of a cannabis church who’s running for Governor of Indiana. It’s just out of control with the awesome.

And, just as I was FINALLY figuring out how to earn a decent income with this state of health — my closed period of disability assistance was given a big ol’ “Fully Favorable.” That was 10 weeks ago (but who’s counting?), but someday, annnny freakin’ day now; I’ll start receiving enough money to pay back debts from the last six miserable years documented here, and even get myself a running car and home sans roommates.

I’m almost there. I really really really am.

Hope your summer’s going gloriously.

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