Waking Life– Join a dreamer as he waxes philosophically with people from all walks of life.  This movie was eye-opening for me, it was incredibly influential.  It’s also beautiful – thirteen different animators contributed their visions on top of the original film.

i heart huckabees– Existential detectives explore the lives of seemingly unrelated characters, revealing the truth of “the big everything” as they go.  This movie ties with Waking Life for the best movie in the whole entire world ever.  Wise and hilarious.

I Am– Tom Shadyac, previous master of fart jokes with gems like Ace Ventura, has a transformative experience and awakens.  In addition to sharing his powerful story, this documentary introduces tons of brilliant theories and concepts – grab a notebook and a pen!

They Live– “I’m all out of bubblegum.”  This movie is the coolest.  It’s hilarious, I still can’t tell if it meant to be, but it certainly is…it’s also a sharp look at our consumer-driven society that jabs the viewer to wake up.

A Peaceful Warrior– A champion gymnast is confronted with himself, a gas-station philosopher, and a serene beauty named Joy in this astounding film based on Dan Millman’s true story and best-selling book.

What the Bleep Do We Know– Blending visual imagination with scientific studies, this film covers a huge variety of spiritual, physical, and philosophical concepts in a dynamic and wildly creative fashion.

The Matrix Series– Join Neo as he breaks loose of The Matrix (the third dimension).

The Big Lebowski– The Dude is a beautiful example of Zen Buddhism and staying in the moment no matter what it’s offering.  Plus it’s awesome.  I abide.

K-PAX– A mental hospital’s patient claims to be from another planet very convincingly, leading to his doctor to question what he thinks he knows.

Sliding Doors– A perfect movie for times where you find yourself asking, “what if”.  This movie explores two very different paths a woman’s life could have taken given a change in a tiny event.

Vanilla Sky– This movie’s a triiiiip.  Watch when you’re in the mood for a mind-fuck.

Saved– This movie follows a Christian teenager who gets knocked up and consequently rejected; discovering a lot about dogma and judgement before redemption.

Dogma– This 90’s Kevin Smith flick pokes the dogmatic bear that is Christianity, revealing hilarious truths.

Meet Joe Black– A woman falls in love with a mysterious stranger, that is Brad Pitt (scorching even as death with bad highlights), leaving everyone involved with ontological quandary.

Beauty is Embarrassing– This movie is SO inspiring.  I love it so much.  It follows the amazing artist Wayne White (remember Dirty Dog on PeeWee’s Playhouse?), telling his soulful and funny whilst showing us his massive catalog of kickass work.  Watch when you have time to create stuff right after!

Mythic Journeys– This film follows various concepts of the mythic journey, and the importance that it has on culture and growing up to be an actualized adult.  Featuring Deepok Chopra and Michael Beckworth as well as visually impressive stop-motion photography – this one is not to be missed.


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