A Sacral Eclipse of the Heart

Hello, hello! The last post had me wondering if February’s eclipse season (astrological bringers of change that happen twice a year) was going to bring anything at all. It wound up bringing quite the romantical lesson, realllllly helping me to clarify what I’m looking for in that realm.

I went through the whole emotional gamut, feeling like I was falling fast despite some very obvious red flags, imagining our future together like a lil’ schoolgirl. Crying and feeling worthless when he didn’t make me feel how I’d like. Being smacked with irrelevant insults when I tried to explain my perspective. The massive sense of deja vu as I realized I’d dated him all too many times. Feeling powerless to the blinding effects of my hoo-ha’s inclinations.

Then there was something new.

Laughing hysterically at how obviously ill-fitting that whole rigamarole is: I have seriously outgrown my dating strategy of yore. I got off the app with a 3-digit character limit, and wrote a novel of a description on another about how I love “woo-woo” and am looking for a spiritual partner––when the closest thing I’ve said in the past is “I love to meditate.” I’m also planning to take things sllloooowwww, something new for me, haha.

I remember being shocked the first time I got an intuitive reading because she had a room dedicated to all things spiritual AND a husband. I was like, “Spiritually centered life AND man who loves her”…”Does not compute…”––it seriously shocked me, it seems so silly now. (Finally!)

I accept my whole self and expect others to as well. Beautiful. (Also makes accepting their whole deal a lot easier.)

Over the second eclipse, I had a “lifted” couple of days: the most succinct way of describing it is “feeling shroomy,” sans the drugs. My intuition was super-high, I felt ungrounded in a fun way (though I fucked up a bit of the painting I was working on, noted), just wildly inspired, and my mind was free of literally ALL negative chitchat.


There was lots of guidance about connecting with and balancing my sacral chakra, something that’s really really fun: it’s responsible for pleasure, healthy sexual expression, connection, and creativity (a couple project ideas ❤). The eclipse dude started it off with a bang (heh heh), then creating various forms of art whilst watching Nick Murphy videos, and catching up with dear friends.

Eclipses are known to be previews to the kind of energy you’ll be chilling in in six months (with the next eclipse season), so yes please. If my spidey senses are on, I’ll be relationship-ing of all kinds a lot more in the near future––VERY EXCITING after a year-and-a-half of solitude. The summer also looks superb…like don’t want to talk about it ’cause, jinx: supeeeeerb.

Okay, I’m suddenly crazy-tired. That’ll do ‘er for now. Happy day, friends!


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