A Magic Doozy

I just had a close encounter of the HUMMINGBIRD kind. My favorite.

But to tell this tale I’ve gotta back it up, to about 48 hours ago…when I made a royal fuck-up while working. I have brain damage from the B12 deficiency, it happens, and not un-frequently––but I double and triple check, and almost always catch it before any kind of ‘sending’ displays my confusion to the world. On Monday, I did not catch it.

Since I started using the Rider-Waite tarot deck I’ve gotten the seven of swords right before a near-miss fuck-up several times, and because I had drawn that card I was extra vigilant about doing my work in the most integrity-filled way, making sure I didn’t take any shortcuts, or get lazy anywhere. (And I was cautious of others’ sneak and snook too, but I’m pretty isolated these days so I don’t get a whole lot of that…)

I realized that I would have caught myself had I tarot’d before starting my day, and I was like, “Duh Meg, gotta get on this morning tarot ritual…” then I made a card for it in my planner, something crucial to getting shit done in my world.

And so yesterday morning, I actually remembered to take a few minutes to meditate and tarot it up. I did a few pulls, and ended with asking for a card for my future. I’ll save you the tarot lesson, but after asking several times because I didn’t like the answer––buck the fuck up was the message. Or, you know, take more action and responsibility for your emotional state.

I said a little prayer, feeling frustrated because I already spend so much time dedicated to just that. I asked for clarity, then went about my day.

And then my day then went about me.

I got some potentially very very very bad news. And then I called my new doctor in regard to today’s appointment and she informed me that it was likely to be canceled due to the incoming snowstorm. (Like the 5th storm this year! I live in Oregon! WTF!)

This was more bad news because I’m so excited and hopeful about the appointment, and it took forever to get. But it was double-triple bad news because we have freezing highs predicted until Sunday––I live at the bottom of a steep half-mile hill in Portland’s highlands, so this means I might be stranded here until then. I was planning on erranding in conjunction with doctoring, so my whole plan was busted and I had to figure out how to get food and medicine in the next two hours (pre-storm) with no car, no ability to walk, and very little money. No bueno.

The darkness swept up, my thoughts swirled downward (WHY ME!?), my eyes barfed tears––and then I remembered the cards.

So I took a deep breath, and then I figured that shit out.

It flowed in an easy-breezy fashion, leaving me feeling taken care of and safe all night. I woke up in the same lovely state and kept it up whilst doing my morning health stuff, and then sat down to watch Doreen Virtue’s 2017 video. About halfway through it, while I was still all high-vibing, the sun came out. Finally.

I paused Doreen’s brilliance, Xtratuf’d up (Alaskan sneakers), grabbed my camera and went outside. I measured the shocking 1.5 feet of snow on my patio and took some pictures, laughed at hummingbird yellow snow under the feeder, took pictures of that, and then decided to make a snow-hummingbird for my little hummingbird friends.

I played along, assuring my protesting body I’d rest in just a few minutes, noted it was the perfect kind of snow for such an activity, acting all awesome just like clay. And then I had a thought––”Oh balls! Hummingbirds are territorial, this is basically a Scarecrow!”

As I was debating smashing it whilst photo-taking I felt a quick and intense vibration by my ear. I sloooooowly turned and there was a hummingbird at the feeder, just a few feet from my face! I stayed still and watched. At first he seemed all nervous, staring at me and flying back and forth, but then he popped a squat and got all comfy, still looking me in the eye.

Hummingbirds are, like, my spirit animal. (I get all Blossom with the ‘like’ because I know very little about spirit animals, but hummingbirds are very special to me.) I’ve never been so close. That alone felt like magic, but all the more so because I was wondering if I had scared them away––got a big ol’ happy “NOPE!”


According to Doreen, we’ve got a real doozy of a year on our hands…but I get the feeling that it’s also gonna keep feeling like magic. We’ve got this, friends.

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